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The graphical UI for the Dimensional Analysis Toolbox for Matlab

The Dimensional Analysis Toolbox for Matlab is an engineering tool for experimental as well as theoretical work. Dimensional Analysis is a well-known engineering technique giving scaling parameters for a problem. These scaling parameters are also known as dimensionless groups or scaling groups. Examples of such groups are the Reynolds number Re, the Prandtl number Pr, or the Mach number Ma.


The Dimensional Analysis Toolbox for Matlab helps the engineer to find these dimensionless groups for a given problem. The analysis starts with the list of the relevant parameters and their respective dimensions. Then a well-defined algorithms leads to the dimensionless groups. The toolbox implements all steps in this process in Matlab and allows additionally to transform data given in the x-domain (the domain of dimensional variables x) to the pi-domain (the domain of the dimensionless variables p).

The Dimensional Analysis Toolbox for Matlab was developed using Matlab 6.1 (R12.1) on a PC Windows 2000 system. It should run with older versions of Matlab and on other machine types, but the included matrix editor requires a Windows 32-bit operating system. In V1.03 support for the new Matlab 6.5 (R13 Pre-Release) has been added.

Steffen Brückner,